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Basalt Capital

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Private Equity / Commercial Real Estate / Structured Finance / CMBS


Basalt Capital LLC is a direct investor leveraging unique expertise in complex transactions.

Commercial RE and Structured Finance

We specialize in buying deep credit and distressed commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) and related securities.

Basalt empowers research, technology and risk management systems to support their foremost objective of capital preservation. 

Private Equity Investor and Advisor

We focus on opportunistically buying debt and equity in complex developing businesses and related assets.  

Various previous investments include:

  • CRE Mortgages and Securities
  • Veterinary Oncology Business -
    PetCure Oncology
  • Addictive Care Business -
    Recovery Ways
  • Senior Living Properties and Management Companies -
    Grace Management
  • 1st and 2nd Generation Funds
  • Triple Net Leases and Properties
  • Medical Equipment Leases

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2700 N Ocean Drive, Suite 1A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33404

(772) 234-6700